Throne Stealer

In the final battle for the Promynthian throne, Arabella must fight with everything in her to win back what is rightfully hers. But with a people to inspire, a marriage to uphold, and a baby on the way, how will she manage to ensure all of her country's needs are fulfilled?

Nayo has always been strong-willed and focused. She’ll do everything she can to make sure Arabella sits on the throne again. But will Wakeem notice all of her efforts? Or can she quiet her fluttering heart whenever he draws near.

Crystal is loyal to Arabella to the end. Her right-hand woman, she is the most trusted of all of Arabella’s friends. Yet the call to the throne is right within her reach now that she’s back at the palace. Will she be able to resist its voice?

Buckle up for this final installment in the Rose Wielder trilogy as you see the trio-perspective look at the Promynthian world and the struggle for a single throne.

Bloody War

My hope for you, dear reader, is to experience a full range of emotions with this book. With the grief of chronic illness comes a variety of emotions and responses, including anger, sadness, disbelief, numbness, joy, pain, fear. I want you to allow yourself to experience them all. Secondly, my goal is for you to understand the plight of those around you who are experiencing this kind of pain, or for you yourself to feel heard. This story is a call for all to rise in solidarity with those suffering around you and to no longer hide if you yourself are in suffering. The third and most provocative goal of mine is to spit in the face of sickness and death as a whole. Though cancer is a tragic sentence for any indeed, it was unable to quench the love these sisters had for one another or cancel out the spirit of joy that they shared before the diagnosis ever came to pass. I hope this can be a welcome ray of hope for all who have lost someone they love. Your dear loved one is not simply some story of tragedy, but rather, they are a full and complex human being, created by God, and wholly loved and complete.

Book Summary

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Book Summary

The Melindans are ready for a revolution, and they’ve set Arabella up with Warrior Prince Wakeem to lead their army to victory.

Never mind that she’s never been a soldier in her life or that she’s taking the spot of her commanding officer Naomi. Never mind that she’s learning more about her family history than she may have ever bargained for. And the regular visits from her former fiance August that no one else seems to see? Totally able to be handled.

Just like her growing affinity for Alex and his seeming decision to become all too perfect and all too dreamy.

Join Arabella and her friends as they embark on their second adventure together— to prepare take back the Promynthian throne that is rightfully hers. It is her throne, right?

Book Summary

Arabella Bysentor is in for a real surprise. For some reason, her parents think she’s ready to train to be queen! At 16, she doesn’t feel quite ready for this, and especially since her skin doesn’t look much like everyone else’s.

Even though she loves her Promynthia, how will the people trust her when she’s brown like her mother? At least she has the dreamy August Frederick IX as her partner for the apprenticeship. But even with all this, for some reason she can’t shake the feeling that there’s something buried deep inside her, some power just waiting to come out.

Join Arabella and her friends in self-discovery as she understands what it means to be both Promynthian at heart and enjoy the depths of her Melindan heritage.

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