Crochet Bandana Tutorial

In this video, I crochet a granny triangle bandana for my sister. Learn how to do so for yourself in this step-by-step tutorial.

Cozy Blanket Tutorial

In this video, I teach you how to make a cozy blanket of any size and width.

How I Got My Self-Published Book into Bookstores

Spoiler Alert: I asked

I am a girl with a dream to be in bookstores. I absolutely love to write, and always had a goal to write a full-length book and see it on the shelves next to my favorite authors. Typically, I’m the sort of person that loves things so much, I have to participate. And my love for reading isn’t any different.

Why You Should Finally Start Writing

What helped me could help you too.

As I lay in my bed — thinking about how mere days before I was in my college town, and now I was in my home state, back under my parents’ roof, cooped up for who knows how long — I suddenly realized something. No amount of time was guaranteed. In fact, no tomorrow was guaranteed. At the rate that things were going, the world could have blown up for all I knew.

How to Plot Your Book

This video explains the beginning steps of book writing. Brainstorming/plotting your book is the very first step in making a fully-fledged book.

What to Expect in Rose Wielder

This video is all about what happens in Rose Wielder, my newly published novel. I give a summary of the book and show concept pictures for imagination.

Stereotype Threat in my Book?

In this video, I unpack some cognitive psychology embedded in Rose Wielder, the fantasy YA novel I'm writing that's out now!

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